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The Advantages of Our Car Hire Offers

We guarantee that cars you hire nevertheless what duration, which models and what proposal will alway be clean and comfortable. Even you can be sure to order a luxury vehicle from our offers nevertheless it presents cheap car hire UK rental service Variety.
Unlimited mileage is one of Discount Vehicle Hire advantages. You don’t have to carry about mileage you have covered and your trip can last as much as you want. And you have not to pay an extra fee for that at the end.
One more important point to notice. With cheap car rental London service you don’t have to care about how to take and return the car. We have free delivery service and you can take the car wherever it is comfortable for you. Don’t mind even if you come straight from airplane. With our Airport Meet and Greet service we will meet you at airport and give the keys of the car you have ordered to you.
Cheap car hire UK service of DVH offers best models with best prices and those vehicles can be used not only in UK but also in Europe. You can visit any European country with our vehicles and with all the documentation in hands you will ever need during your journey.
So, be sure to get the whole complex of services while offering a cheap car hire London service with us.

Car Models:
For cheap car hire London you can find best options for 7, 9 seater car hire at DVH. For 7 seater car hire we can offer Ford Galaxy which is the best offer among the same parameter cars. If you are looking something for a smaller group which prefers to have an extremal trip we can offer a 4X4 of VW Tiguan.
All these models may be comfortable for family or small group trips. They are compact, comfortable and are always clean regardless what company had ordered it before you. You will always find a clean and cozy car.
Our offices are located at the western part of the country and if you want to find a cheap car hire UK just find out our locations.

Main Points to Mind on Hiring a Car

1. Insurance covers for vehicle rentals
Before signing the dial make sure that you have chosen the right automobile insurance policy and it will not be too expensive for you. Be sure that you will not get any surprises with insurance fee.

2. Do you have to fill up the tank?
It is also very important to know before signing whether you have to return the vehicle with full tank of gas or not. It is better to fill the tank before then find out that you have to fill it at the very end and pay an additional fee at the nearest gas station.

3. How much will the journey cost you?
Besides the extra fee which can appear filling up the tank when returning you also should find out before how much fuel the vehicle needs. It is very important to know to be sure that you will never stay on the road with an empty tank. On the other hand, it is important to know while providing budget for your trip.

4. What equipment do you need?
A lot of cheap car rental companies in London offer cars with the whole package of equipment like WI-FI, GPS, baby seats, but when returning you may find out that you have to pay an extra sum for all of them. So, make sure what services the offer you are signing includes and be sure that you will not have to pay for them an extra sum.

5. The permissible age for car rentals
Some vehicle rental companies set age limit for vehicle driving. Some car hire companies don’t let drivers under 21 rent a car. For some companies the age reaches 25 and it does not matter how often the person drives.

6. Check if there is an extra airport fee
Some cheap car hire London services have an extra airport fee for those who arrives by plane. Notice, that Discount Vehicle Hire offers Airport Meet and Greet service which doesn’t does require any extra fee. Moreover, you will get the keys at airport from our staff officer and go on with your journey yourself.

6. Road types
Before signing the deal make sure whether there is a point about preferred road types. Some economy car hire companies mention some types of road that their cars are prohibited to drive. So always pay attention to that point if it exists and be sure not to pay an extra fee.